Sunday, November 6, 2011

favorite things 11/6/11

kate spade sparkler coin purse... I always love me some kate spade. All of her items are so sleek and well made. I still use my kate spade nylon messenger bag everyday for class and after having it for a few years, there is not a tear in sight. Now I love this coin purse for two reasons. Number one: sparkles are my favorite. I am totally sure if they would be considered classy but I think they give any outfit a little flare and always make me happy. Number two: perfect for ID and keys. Now this is my more practical reason but I know I am always on the hunt for a quality ID holder and as I just said sparkles make me happy so why not be happy every time you take out your keys. :),default,pd.html?dwvar_PWRU2540_color=711&start=6&cgid=wallets
tory burch tumbled leather reva ballet flats... Although Tory Burch is absolutely adorable it is also absolutely expensive. But when I splurge on an expensive item, I like to make sure its something I will get a lot of use out of. I have the suede Reva flats and they are my go to shoe. Every time you wear them you will be showered in compliments. Plus they are oh so chic and always timeless. I love this pair because I love how they are an unexpected neutral. They are in a gorgeous tan color that is super glamorous and the leather can survive the wear and tear that shoes always end up going through.
vineyard vines make up bag gift set...Honestly when I first saw this I was not thinking of who to give this to, instead I was thinking how can I get my own hands on it! I am loving the classic Vineyard Vines whale pattern on the large bag and the quilted design on the other two is so classy. My quilted bags are always the ones that I end up keeping for many years. I love how you could throw one in your tote bag and another for traveling. A girl can never have too many makeup bags and having small bags can help keep things together and avoid those frantic Monday morning search parties.

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  1. Kate Spade can do no wrong.