Monday, November 14, 2011

rainy day.

Rainy days are my favorite. I love when you have nothing to do and you can just stare out the window and watch the raindrops drip from the window sills. There is nothing cozier than curling up on the couch with some Netflix, hot chocolate and unfortunately for me today, homework. I have my perfect rain music and cozy Penn State sweatshirt and ahh nothing more relaxing. Lucky for me right as I finished all my classes and meetings and I got back to my dorm, cue the rain. Perfect timing. Everybody just lays low and sometimes people just need the weather to remind them to slow down even if it is just for a lazy afternoon.
If you are not into the whole laying low thing, I  recommend a nice long run when it's pouring like crazy outside. I am also a big long-distance runner and rain to me is the best motivation. I usually try and get out and get a couple miles in before it stops. The rain has a way of pushing me along.
Usually when it's raining I pull out my Hunter rain boots, leggings/skinny jeans, a cute button down with my yellow Northface shell . Everyone loves to make fun of my jacket but I love it. To me yellow is so classic rain gear. I remember the days rocking my ladybug umbrella. Please tell me I wasn't the only one...Whenever I wear my rain boots, I love my ability to walk right through a puddle the size of small pond and splash around. I feel like a seven year old. 
How do you all feel about rain? Love it or hate it?
No Rain-Blind Melon.
How cute is the bumblebee girl?


  1. I love Hunter boots for Rainy days! I am your newest follower!

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  2. I can definitely enjoy a gray, rainy day. Especially if I can curl up with a book, or listen to music, maybe get some writing done. I think I'm more productive when it's not sunny! :) Plus, I like an excuse to wear my trench! MademoiselleMichael

  3. I love rainy days! I also the love of rain hitting my window while I'm trying to fall asleep, it's so peaceful!